Sunday, April 26, 2009

Winks from God

Testimonies of God's winks are told from the heart in Squire Rushnell's book of compiled testimonies, "When God Winks at You". God winks at us often, if we pray, and are good listeners and pay attention to everything that goes on in front of our eyes, we will notice his winks. But what do we do when he seems to be winking at us often? What if he is sending signals that seemed to be mixed? For example, my journey has brought me to the bottom of a mountain that has several narrow roads leading to the top. Here I stand wondering which one to take. I decided the best thing to do is pray and pray some more. Then God winked and whispered, "take this road", then he winked again and whispered "or you can take this one". Well, this left me perplexed. Should I take this road or perhaps that road? Finally, and I mean finally - it seems that I have caught on - he is winking and whispering "it's o.k., take any of these roads - just don't turn back - just keep climbing!" So I have started to climb and I hope to see you at the top!

Share some of your winks from God!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What is your favorite bible translation? Blog on Google

O.K. here I stand with shelf after shelf of bibles in front of me. What am I looking for? Lord, please just make the translation that you want me to study miraculously fall off the shelf before me. Waiting.... Waiting... O.K., I think I understand your response ... do a little research.

Which translations are a blessing to you and which are not? Please share your favorite translation (NIV, KJV...). Why is this your favorite? How is it's interpretation and readability? Sidebars? Index by subject? ... Thank you for your feedback.

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